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Nancy O’Dell is planning to return to work at Access Hollywood following her 3-month maternity leave.

Her first assignment back? The Emmy Awards on September 16th.

But it’s not the celebrity interviews, the long hours or the fact that it’s live TV that’s worrying her – it’s her breasts!

Since she is still breastfeeding daughter Ashby Grace, Nancy says, “It’s my first big test. On the Emmys, you don’t get a break. I’ll go immediately from the red carpet to the one-on-one room with the winners. I’ll have to find time in a private place to pump. I can imagine having time for only one side and then going out lopsided. They’d definitely be different sizes.”

Nancy also reports that she has lost 26 of the 30 lbs. she gained during her pregnancy. Way to go, Nancy!

Source: The National Ledger


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Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O’Dell debuted her two-month-old baby daughter, Ashby Grace Zubchevich, on the set of her show on Friday.

Ashby is the first child born to Nancy and husband Keith Zubchevich (who has two boys from a previous marriage).

Nancy sat down with People and gushed about motherhood and this joyous time of her life: “It’s like a love that, I mean you know, I love my husband more than anything in the world. But I love her more then anything in the world. And knowing that she came from that love is the most amazing thing that I have ever felt in my life, nothing compares. Absolutely nothing compares.”

For your first look at Nancy and Ashby, CLICK HERE!

Source: Yahoo!

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