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Hey, Pats fans!

Wanna show your love for your favorite football team in true New England style?

How about with two new, “wicked awesome” Patriots T’s?

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During his appearance on Ellen Thursday, Kid Rock was asked by the talk show host if he sent ex-wife Pamela Anderson a wedding gift for her recent nuptials to Rick Salomon.

Kid’s answer? “I’m still waiting for my ring back.”


He then admitted that he does think about Pam’s two sons Brandon and Dylan Lee often, and hopes they’re doing well.

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Elisabeth poses with Pinks & Blues Girls Jane and Sharon, along with dad/husband Barry

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks family, health and Rosie in the October 2007 issue of Good Housekeeping.

Married to New York Giants quarterback Tim Hasselbeck since 2002, the two have a daughter Grace, born in 2005, and are expecting their second child in November (sex unknown).

But Elisabeth is already talking about having more kids: “I would like to have three or four.”

Of course, in the back of her mind, she worries about her current health problems, as well as those that run in her family. She and Tim had a hard time conceiving this baby in large part due to Elisabeth’s celiac disease, a disorder in which the body cannot properly metabolize gluten.

“I’ve always thought that if you work really hard at something, you can get it. But I was faced with the reality that this just wasn’t happening. Especially given my celiac disease, my body tends to shut down when I’m under stress,” she says.

Luckily, after heeding the advice of her mother – “You should be eating potatoes!” – and doing whatever else necessary to calm her body, Tim and Elisabeth finally conceived. And she hopes that by doing those same things, getting pregnant with her next baby will be easier.

Another source of concern is her family history of breast cancer. Elisabeth’s mother endured the disease at a young age, and underwent chemotherapy. With that weighing on her mind, Elisabeth states: “I saw firsthand that after chemotherapy, your chances of conceiving just go way down. So that’s always on my mind.”

Elisabeth also delves into details about her feud with Rosie O’Donnell that began in May about US troops in Iraq. Since their on-screen arguement, the two former friends have not spoken.

Elisabeth’s take: “I wish it didn’t bother me. But when you invest emotion in a relationship and it ends, it’s traumatic. Suddenly, you’re not friends. And, apparently, to hear her tell it, you never were. I don’t know. It can haunt me forever or I can move beyond it and think, Obviously that didn’t end well.”

As for future plans (other than making more babies!) Elisabeth would like to create a line of children clothing.

And asked about her perfect evening? “Mini golf and ice cream.”

Read more of what Elisabeth has to say in October’s Good Housekeeping.


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Man Fight!


If you were watching the MTV VMA’s Sunday night, you probably caught Britney Spears’ train wreck of a performance.

But what you didn’t see on TV was the fight going down between two of Pamela Anderson’s exes, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.

Sources say the fight began during Alicia Keys’ performance, which was shortly after Pamela appeared as a presenter on the show. It seems that Tommy initiated the fight, but Kid Rock threw the only connecting punch.

So while Tommy was kicked out of the show, Kid Rock ended up getting cited for misdemeanor battery.

Way to go, guys.

Sources: MTV, Dlisted, E! Online

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